Intellect Application Services :

Intellect application services is established with a view to offer scalable hardware and software solutions to businesses. Backed by team of qualified technicians, we ensure that each and every technological solution featuring in our portfolio is worth your investment in terms of quality, performance, business and appeal.

At present, we have collaborated with the most distinguished distributing companies out there. Our clients pan India have been quite unequivocal about their endorsement. Our claims of being the best in the business have been profusely backed by our esteemed clients’ reviews and it’s their encouragement which has emboldened us to push horizons in terms of performance, quality and scalability.

We ensure that our technological teams have access to state of the art infrastructure – with the aid of which they are in a position to bring the best of technological solutions to you.

Having been there for years, we make sure that our services define quality, performance, appeal and business. Be it a personal website or software , Intellect Application Services makes it the best in the business through its experienced manpower and state of the art infrastructure.

Mission :

Vision :

Team Intellect Application Services is driven by laser-like focus on emerging as an unparalleled force in the service based market. In order to stay true to our goals we ensure that each and every product that we are delivering is backed by unmatched quality and performance capabilities.

We aim to ensure that you have access to organized services defined by hallmarks like business appeal, quality and performance. Regardless of whether you’re looking to develop software—you know that your quest for high-performing technological tools ends right here.

Our Founder & Chairman :

Mr. Minesh J. Solanki

Founder & Chairman

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The Mission of Intellect Application Services is to exceed customer’s expectations by providing outstanding customer care through our excellent services provided by our trained, talented, professionals, experts to make our customer SATISFIED to DELIGHTFUL. We believe that our foremost priority is our customer’s and thus their loyalty is our key to success.

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